Louise Bichan is a USA-based Scottish musician and photographer who uses both mediums to tell stories old and new.

Growing up in the remote but culturally rich Orkney islands, a place where creativity abounds and playing music has been a part of the social fabric for centuries, gave Louise a solid grounding in music. She started playing fiddle at the age of 7 after witnessing the magic of live music: “I remember the butterflies in the tummy feeling when watching concerts at the Orkney Folk Fest as a kid, wanting to be a part of it all.” The sense of community and belonging it gave her was infectious; she pestered her parents to let her learn.

In the years since, she has honed her craft, first amongst the cream of Scottish folk at Glasgow’s renowned session scene and performances with talent like Orkney group Fara and award-winning singer-songwriter Rachel Sermanni, before a scholarship to Berklee College of Music, Boston, where she developed her style further.

Masterfully blending traditional and classical arrangements, her music is thoughtful, and complex, curious and playful. She composes in response to her roots and the world around her; weaving through stories of connection, to people, nature, the past and the possibility of the future.


Ethan Setiawan Gambit 2023
Corner House
How Beautiful It's Been 2022
Corner House
Caribou Party 2021
Between Islands
Between Islands 2020
Making Tracks
2019 Live Tour 2020
Martin Butler
Poems and Songs from the Woodlands Edge 2020
Louise Bichan & Ethan Setiawan
Self Titled EP 2019
Peter Eldridge, Kenny Werner
Somewhere 2019
Corner House
Smart Folks 2019
Corner House
Corner House 2018
Un-Herd Volume 61 2017
Louise Bichan
Out of My Own Light 2016
Orkney Folk Festival
Fiddle Gathering 2016
EP 2014
Richy Carey
All at Sea 2013
Rachel Sermanni
Underneath Mountains (Middle of Nowhere) 2012, Eggshells single (Middle of Nowhere) 2012, Blackcurrents (Middle of Nowhere) 2012, Bothy Sessions (Middle of Nowhere) 2011
French Wives
Dreams of the Inbetween (Electric Honey) 2012
Cora 2009
Keep it Up 2003


2019 Berklee College of Music String Department Chair Award

2017 Berklee College of Music American Roots Award

2015 Berklee College of Music Worldwide Scholarship Tour Award

2005 Ronnie Aim Memorial Prize for composition

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