I have been writing fiddle tunes since a very young age, encouraged by Douglas Montgomery, who taught me to play and had enough patience to sit with me and help me to write down my, often somewhat crooked, compositions. My first commission came from my mum; to write a wedding waltz for a colleague's daughter. Imagine my surprise when, almost 20 years later, I walked into a church in northern Vermont to hear a group of young musicians playing "Queen Of Peace (Kate and Gordon's Valentines Wedding Waltz)." I have written many tunes over the years, for many occasions, from the joyful to the sorrowful. A tune is such a wonderful way to remember special occasions, or loved ones lost, and I feel it is such an honour to be trusted to create a piece of music which will, hopefully, live on long after we are all gone.  If you are interested in commissioning me to write something, please get in touch, I'd love to talk.


Here is one of my more recent compositions, written for my aunt and uncle.


I wrote this as part of my album Out of My Own Light. The album is all originals, all arranged by myself. I then worked with Ben Knorr, who took my arrangement and created this for string orchestra and soloist. It was an honour to get to play this with Berklee World Strings, while I was a student there.

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