The Lost Summer

My second solo album, released 5th April, 2024 on Adhyâropa Records

Sule Skerry, Hildaland

Hildaland's first full length record, released 3rd November, 2023 on Adhyâropa Records

Out of My Own Light

My first record, released 2nd December, 2016 on Swanbister Records

How Beautiful It's Been, Corner House

Corner House's first full length record, produced by Maeve Gilchrist and recorded with Eli Crews in the Hudson Valley, NY. Released 22nd May, 2022

Self titled EP, Hidaland

Hildaland's first release, before naming the duo, released 4th October, 2019

Self titled EP, Bellwether

Bellwether's first offering, released 4th September, 2020

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