Bichan McNally Hearn

Orkney native Louise Bichan first teamed up with Americans Katie McNally and Conor Hearn for some live shows in Orkney, in the summer of 2017, returning for a full Scottish tour in July of 2018.

Alternately sensitive and driving, Hearn’s guitar accompaniment propels Bichan and McNally’s electrifying twin fiddling as they explore original melodies and reinvent traditional ones. Influenced by the acoustic music scene of their adopted home of Boston, USA, the trio brings their three unique voices together for a rare and exhilarating collaboration.

Katie McNally

“..the new face of Scottish fiddling in the USA" (The Living Tradition)

Louise Bichan

"..a stand out talent" (Darol Anger)

Conor Hearn

Calculating and hard-hitting traditional guitar

Summer 2018 Tour videos and more:

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