Long awaited update…

Shamefully, I haven’t updated this blog in quite some time! I tend to concentrate on my tumblr blog and Facebook page and forget to update this; I will rectify this!

I have been mainly working on my Canadian project, now named ‘Out of My Own Light’ and have an exhibition at the Pier Arts Centre in Orkney opening on the 25th April, which is very exciting. The photographic book is being printed as I type and I have been working hard at writing and arranging music for the album. We head into the studio in a few weeks to record, so I’m very excited about that. I have Mike Vass joining me on fiddle and guitar, Jen Austin on piano, Su-a Lee on cello, Duncan Lyall on double bass and Signy Jacobsdottir on percussion. Angus Lyon will be engineering and producing the album, which we will record at Watercolour studio near Fort William. I will be performing with the full band at the Orkney Folk Festival on the 21st May, tickets will be on sale here very soon: www.orkneyfolkfestival.com

Read more about the project here: mstait.tumblr.com

Besides the project, I have had a busy year with many musical trips, concerts and so on, including a return trip to Valley of the Moon fiddle camp in August 2014, after playing at Milwaukee Irish Festival with Gria, and Fara recorded our EP, available here: faramusic.bandcamp.com We have an exciting summer ahead with Shetland, Orkney and Cambridge Folk Festivals and one more yet to announce!

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