Out of My Own Light album release

I’m over the moon to say that my album ‘Out of My Own Light’ is released tomorrow, 2nd December 2016!

I am so so thankful to so many people who have helped along the way with this project, in so many ways and I’m over the moon with the outcome and can’t wait to share this music.

I am extremely thankful to the incredible team in the studio; Jennifer Austin, Mike Vass, Su-a Lee, Duncan Lyall, Signy Jakobsdottir, Angus Lyon and Mike Guest; it was such an honour and a privileged to have the chance to work with you all and I enjoyed every minute of it. Thank you to Nick Turner and Mary-Ann Kennedy of Watercolour studio, a beautiful and inspiring setting to record an album and to Iain Hutchison of GloWorm Recordings, Alison Smith at Maxwell Music and all at Golding Products. A heartfelt thank you to all my family and friends at home and across North America; to Alasdair Fraser and all at Valley of the Moon fiddle camp, Joella Foulds and Celtic Colours Festival, to everyone who hosted me, looked after me, inspired and encouraged me. Thank you to my cousin and fantastic travel buddy Alice Tait. A special thank you to Betty-Lou, Del, Dovie, Lorne and Meb for their memories of Margaret, of the war and of Orkney and to all of their families for such a warm welcome. Thank you to Lachlan Young for his hard work on this project, to Colin Gray, Iseult Timmermans, Sarah Fishlock and Street Level Photoworks for help and advice. Thank you to Duncan McLean for the literary advice, to Sinclair Roberston, Leah Seatter and the Orcadian, Radio Orkney, Sue Wilson, John Crosby, the Orkney Trad Music Project, Jenny, Hazel and the Reel. A huge thank you to Douglas Montgomery, without whom I would not be where I am today. Thank you for inspiring me right from the beginning and for your continued support over the years! I am eternally grateful to my family for their support and for trusting me with my Grandmother’s treasured diaries, letters and photographs and allowing me to tell her story.

Thank you to everyone who pre-ordered the album and helped me to raise funds to study at Berklee College of Music - I am so so grateful for your help in making this amazing opportunity possible for me and I can’t wait to share what I am learning and to make more music!

This project would not have been possible without generous funding from Creative Scotland, S & J D Robertson Group Ltd and Enterprise Music Scotland. I am extremely grateful for this.

The live launch of the album will be at Celtic Connections festival in Glasgow on the 21st January, in a show alongside the fantastic Lindsay Lou and the Flatbellys, who I met at Shetland Folk Festival last year and can’t wait to see again!

I am currently planning a tour of Scotland and England with the album in the summer of next year, so keep an eye out and come out to see the show live! 


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